Peonies’ “Repeated Refrains of Nature”

We’re watching our perennials begin to grow this slow-to-warm spring. Peonies (Hardiness Zone 3-8) are among the earliest herbaceous perennials to emerge from winter. We saw their red stems about the time daffodils bloomed.   Green leaves unfurl later as the warming sun shines several days in a row and rains fall. Finally, the plant … Continue reading

Plant Markers of Spring–May 15th

Lilacs have leafed out and are reaching full bloom as spring conditions improve, quite a remarkable plant sustainability trait. Lilacs line the Lewis & Clark Recreation Area along the Missouri River near home in a USDA 4-5a hardiness zone. Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog in South Dakota. Fall planted spring bulbs such as daffodils and … Continue reading

Regional Plant-Related Event

A free class, “Unwanted Guests” will be presented May 19th at 2:00pm or 6:30pm at the Yankton Community Library, 515 Walnut St., in the meeting room. Presenters are Master Gardeners who will discuss what to do about unwanted guests in your garden, such as pests, weeds, seeds and plant diseases. For more information or a virtual … Continue reading

Black-eyed Susans and other Rudbeckias

Black-eyed Susans grow in lots of yards in this USDA zone 4-5a region. The perennial, full-sun, yellow flower mounds appear by summer and bloom into fall. Their bold color and easy maintenance make them attractive for borders.  Black-eyed Susans and other Rudbeckias are featured this week as attractive, hardy North American native plants with large … Continue reading

Regional Plant-Related Event

South Dakota State University Extension Hosts “Garden Hour Webinar” online this season. For the free, hour long gardening show for our region, go to website. Choose the “Events” tab and see more information and the registration for Garden Hour Webinar. Featured to discuss the current season in the garden will be horticulturist Dr. Rhoda Burrows, tree … Continue reading

Spring is Busting Out All Over

Even after cold winds and low moisture in the region, we are glad that spring has arrived. Here are some findings on a walk around the yard.  Leaf buds of this Ohio Buckeye/ Hawthorn tree show the energy of spring. Trees that flower before they leaf out, such as maples, have bursting buds. Recurring daffodils … Continue reading

Lettuce and Spring Go Together

People who like to eat fresh produce and gardeners might have lettuce in common. Spring growing conditions for lettuce is usually favorable. It’s easy to be enthusiastic with an early green thumb success in spring. Lettuce harvested, washed, and on the plate couldn’t be tastier.  Would you like to grow your salad greens? Materials:   A … Continue reading

Regional Plant-Related Event

Loess Hills Wild OnesHealing the Earth one yard at a time. Sioux City, IA area We’ll meet at Fowler Forest near Smithland at 1 p.m. on Saturday, May 7, to check out spring ephemerals: Celebrate Iowa Wildflower Month with us!  Walk through the woodland to see the diversity of spring wildflowers.  The trail is easy and well-maintained, and we’ll meander up the … Continue reading

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day- April 15th

Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog on the Northern Plains. Lately, the high temperature has been in the high 40’s with an Arctic wind. Warmer days earlier; erratic spring. Perennial plants wait patiently for favorable weather to bloom, leaf out, and begin attracting pollinators. Lenten Roses (Hellebores orientalis) are in bloom here, along with greening cool-season grasses, and … Continue reading

Trees for the Prairie

Greenhouses burst with alluring annuals for our gardens. If these flowers were wearable, we might consider them jewelry, and the trees that anchor our yards as fundamental as the black dress.  Trees and shrubs add a vertical shape to the area above the annuals and perennials in a yard. Trees can be the welcoming presence … Continue reading