Garden Bloggers Bloom Day–June 15th

At Plant Exchange blog, we celebrate Spring with delicate peonies. Long-lived peonies are a perennial staple of the Northern Plains. Colorful blooms are commonly 3 inches in diameter. No wonder they are among early favorites for flower bouquets. Peony shrubs grow well in temperate climates, USDA Zone 3-6 or so. The buds require chilling temperatures … Continue reading

Regional Plant-Related Event

Loess Hills Wild Ones Sioux City, Iowa area  Next event is June 30 at Mount Talbot State Preserve to see what’s growing and blooming that day. Wear sturdy walking shoes, dress for the weather, and bring your own water. The entrance to Mount Talbot State Preserve is located on an ungraveled section of Talbot Road. Meet at 2 p.m. near the Memorial … Continue reading

Regional Plant-Related Event

Flavors of Northwest Iowa presents: Enjoy a delicious dinner at Tucker Hill Vineyardsin Hinton, IA. The meal will include farm fresh, local ingredients, with an opportunity to learn more about the producers who grew each product, a tour of the vineyards, and a wine tasting! June 27th, 6 – 8 pm $40 per person, $75 … Continue reading

Dependable Perennials– Peony and Columbine

In spring, greenhouses feature the latest new flowering plants and gardeners are eager to plant them. If the new introductions are perennials, perhaps they will grow again next year in local environmental conditions. What a comfort though, to see perennials emerge from dregs of winter in one’s own yard, years in a row. What a … Continue reading

Dibbles And Bits

Dandelions are everywhere in early spring. “My great grandfather brought dandelions with him from Denmark,” Paul Harens of Yankton remarked. “They were for greens.” Why one would bring dandelion seeds to grow– the plant scourge of some lawns today? Dandelions are members of the large Asteraceae family. The genus Taraxacum is native to North America, … Continue reading

What It Takes to Grow

Brandon Wagner is the teacher for a new horticulture class at Yankton High School. He wanted his students to learn about plants and have direct experience in how plants grow. A newly constructed automated greenhouse and seed germinating chamber gave Wagner and his students a chance to learn about the fundamentals of growing plants. Students … Continue reading

Regional Plant-Related Event

Siouxland Bike-N-Bite! July 13, 2019  9 am – 1 pm  ·  $15 admission Begins at Sioux City Farmers Market What is it? Bike-N-Bite is a community cycling event that celebrates local food in Siouxland. Connect on two wheels with folks who are excited about fresh, local flavors! Bike around Siouxland biting into free samples of … Continue reading

Transplants Ready to Plant Soon

Transplants are ready to go in the garden here at Plant Exchange! It’s mid-May and the average frost date has passed, so in the next couple of weeks, the transplants here are ready for the flowerbeds, gardens, and containers. Flowers and vegetables were started from seeds and germinated under florescent lights indoors. When the plants … Continue reading

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day May 15th

Spring has arrived at Plant Exchange Blog in South Dakota! Pelicans have migrated north and songbirds are everywhere. In our USDA Zone 4-5a region, we may have encountered the last frost to start the season. Wild native plums are quite showy in early mornings and evenings these days.   New leaves dress trees and shrubs … Continue reading