2 thoughts on “How To Grow Plants From Cuttings

  1. Evelyn Schindler of Yankton increases the odds for good results from growing new plants from cuttings. She has a favorite plant so the methods tell how she grows them from cuttings. One required need that is often overlooked is providing constant level of humidity for the new plant as it grows roots and other plant parts. See her methods at http://yankton.net/articles/2012/10/04/river_city/doc506e449cbe305884493910.txt and share your comments below.

  2. I grow several of my favorite house plants from cuttings. Some take off right away; some need more time. I find African violets need the most pampering. for them, I usually dip a leaf stem in root hormone, push it into soil in a container similar to a rose bowl, and then cover it with plastic wrap. I’ve had good success doing that.

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