What A Difference A Drought Makes

What A Difference A Drought Makes

Even with 100 degree F days and drought, planters around Yankton South Dakota received necessary care for this end of season photo. Lisa Kortan, Urban Forester for the City of Yankton, also planted new and replacement trees around the “Tree City.” Kortan said that elm trees were the most common tree needing removal in 2012, possibly due to continuing Dutch Elm Disease and stress. Read more about tree and park care under drought conditions and share your comments:

One thought on “What A Difference A Drought Makes

  1. Lisa Kortan, Yankton’s Urban Forester, selected easy care annuals for summer heat and drought in 2012. Her favorites performers under these conditions were lantana, vinca, calibrachoa, juccus, and sweet potato vine. Most of her favorites are seen in the above photo taken at the end of the season. Read about park and other improvements while dealing with drought in:
    What were some of your best performers in the drought season?

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