Raised Bed Garden Tips

Raised Bed Garden Tips

• Raised bed gardening is one solution for a site with poor natural soil. Consider parts of a plan before you start. Decide what to plant and light requirements. Seed catalogs can help. Most vegetables grow best in at least eight hours of full sun. Find a location with light requirements. Decide if you want pre-fabricated raised beds or to make your own from wood, deck material or other. Measure and mark for square or rectangular bed. Typically bed is no wider than four feet across for easy reach half way across to tend the plants. Decide on height of bed, allowing for about a foot of soil inside. Trench around the bed. Consider removing or killing existing grass with Roundup within the bed. Put frame in place. Add bags of potting soil and compost. When available, add quality black soil. Add compost each season. Plant seeds. Install soaker hose for watering and mulch lightly with grass clippings once plants have germinated. For more details: http://www.ask.com “raised bed gardening”

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