Getting Ready For Spring

Getting Ready For Spring

Emily Barton is Store Manager of Kopetsky’s Ace Hardware, 2404 Broadway Ave. in Yankton. Thanks to Barton for tips anticipating spring. “We stock seeds, peat pots, starter trays, warming mats, and hand tools,” Barton said. “Stop and talk to our knowledgeable staff or browse with a warm bag of popcorn free every weekend!”
• Now is the perfect time to go through old seeds, plan your garden, and shop for new seeds and bulbs. Shopping early will ensure getting the best selection.
• As days get longer houseplants will start showing signs of new growth and they will need to be fertilized.
• After last summer’s drought, trees and shrubs will need extra watering and fertilizer to be strong and healthy. Most shrubs should also be pruned before they show signs of new growth.
• If you’re looking for a reason to get out of the house, now is a good time to repair and paint window boxes, flowerpots, plant holders, and even lawn furniture.
• Gardening tools might need a little TLC before you put them to use this spring. Sharpening, cleaning, and oiling will do the trick to make most tools as good as new.

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