Herbs Fresh All Winter

Herbs Fresh All Winter

Mary Ann King of Yankton is an avid gardener who grows culinary herbs. Some gardeners harvest extra herbs from the garden in fall, while others grow herbs in containers that they bring indoors in winter. If you have a few extra herbs, Mary Ann shows you how to dry or freeze them for future use. Read about her tips for preserving herbs and comment if you wish. Thanks for your visit. http://www.yankton.net/river_city/article_fbf3de34-1c24-11e3-b84b-0019bb2963f4.html

One thought on “Herbs Fresh All Winter

  1. I have just finished drying some herbs for the winter. I cut them and wash them one day, let them dry on towels overnight, and then dry them in the microwave oven the next day. It takes just about a minute or two, depending on the type of herb. I find those dried in the MW stay greener and retain more aroma and flavor.

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