Gardeners And Munching Critters

Gardeners And Munching Critters

In the abundance of Spring, it’s a bit easier to live in harmony with rabbits, deer and other mammals that have plenty of food. Of course, these mammals also have their favorite delicacies that can be our favorites too. If fencing out critters is not an option and you know what plants these critters generally don’t like, then what else works to deter critters from your special plants? Some ideas new to me are below. Tell us if you have tried these or what worked better for you.
• Fish emulsion as a deterring smell. (I already use it as an organic fertilizer indoors.)
• Vinegar-soaked cotton balls (Can’t smell as bad as rotten eggs)
• Human hair, with a local source being a harber shop or hair salon. (Wonder if our pet Golden retriever hair works?)
• Personal attitude adjustment. (This one takes work.)

Don’t leave us hanging now. Toss in what works for you. Thanks for your visit to Plant Exchange! Do come back!

One thought on “Gardeners And Munching Critters

  1. Nothing works as well as a fence to keep rabbits out. I’ve had them eat almost everything in my yard except vinca – so far. Who knows when they’ll develop a taste for them!

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