Against All Odds

Sometimes I’m drawn to plants that I find hard to grow. I work hard to find the right method for growing pansies from seed, for example. Once the few that make it to transplant survive, the purples and yellows die back in the heat of summer. This season I tried “Penny All Season Mix (F-1) violas from Johnny’s Selected Seeds instead. The “all season” caught my eye. Half the size of pansy flowers, here they are at mid July, spilling over their clay bowl planter. Admittedly, we have had a temperate season so far with few 90 degree and above days. But they do make my list to try again next year for sure.

Against All Odds

Against All Odds

2 thoughts on “Against All Odds

    • Thanks for your comment. Good eye! Pansy photo was taken this spring. Some pansies and violas do get a second burst in fall when I trim them back, put and water them through the summer in the shade. Because that was one of the points made in the tips, that is why the photo was chosen. See new post.

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