Rescued From The Brome

Spirit Mound National Historic Site north of Vermillion South Dakota along Highway 19 has had wildflower and native grass restoration underway for more than a decade. Smooth brome in the seed bank has been a challenge, especially with cool springtimes that give this competitor an edge to the warm season grasses and wildflowers.

A six acre plot was identified to use additional management practices for wildflowers and native grasses to flourish there. Lewis & Clark Spirit Mound Trust with Dr. James Heisinger  and South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks with Mr. Eric VanderStouwe were instrumental in implementing what the trust and professionals agreed needed to be done to arrest the competitive smooth brome from the native grass and wildflower plot.

See the story about what they did below. Please comment if you wish. See more entries about this wildflower restoration and other Plant Exchange plant topics.


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