First Asian Garden For Starters

Lisa Newland of Yankton is a master gardener and local garden club member. In her work life she is a professor and researcher in Human Development and Education Psychology at University of South Dakota. Her work took her to Taiwan last winter and she refers to the time she spent there  as a ‘life changing experience’. One impact of the trip is the influence of what she saw on her gardening back home.

Welcome to the series of topics about her cottage garden for all seasons, her meditation area, and her use of containers and space as influenced from her trip. The atmosphere of her lawn turned to garden is one of peaceful productivity. Come and enjoy the article about her design choices, ways she incorporates plant gifts from friends into her garden, and experience her creativity.

Share your experiences if you want and enjoy Newland’s thoughtful uses of her gardening skills as you see how her trip to Taiwan is changing her everyday gardening.

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