A Bountiful Community Garden Harvest


Yankton Community Garden participants are willing to share what it’s like in their plots on an early August day. In this time of thankful celebration of harvest, they show us the benefits of their garden work.

Clair Sudbeck is already harvesting some of several kinds of potatoes that he grows for family and friends.



Susan Bitsos takes time to keep her garden weeded and mulched and she has found a variety of cucumbers that grow well here for pickles.




Peter Leibfarth has good fortune with tomatoes when some other gardeners are battling disease with their varieties.




Jennifer Akers takes photos of her garden as it grows as well as its harvest. These yellow wax beans were great producers.





Ron Hunhoff assists other gardeners as well as tending the vegetables he and his wife grow.

Enjoy gardener’s comments and tips they have discovered in their community garden plots this season. Here is the article link below. Thanks for visiting Plant Exchange Blog.






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