Lots To Inspire Gardeners At Lauritzen Gardens

Gardening ideas are everywhere at Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha, Nebraska. The new conservatory and indoor winter displays add a fourth season to enjoy their plants. I visited the gardens in mid fall and found these outdoor gardening inspirations. Growth timing to stage asters and mums at peak maturity is a nursery art.


Plants grown from bulbs such as dahlias in orange can be planted in containers for later display.


Large areas and bold contrasts of color are dramatic. Easy to grow or common plants can be effective in displays. Red mums and ornamental cabbage are seen here.


Herbs can be grown for fragrance in a garden and for ornamental display. Below are examples of beds with sage and rosemary in the foreground.



Tropical trees in large containers add height and leaf texture in some outdoor displays at the gardens. Here limes are allowed to bloom and fruit for human interest and possibly for bird treats as well.


Display beds are well designed at the gardens. Here the horizontal plane of asters and ornamental cabbage in the foreground meet the stately yellow cannas.


Thanks for your visit to Plant Exchange today. We hope you visit again soon.

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