A Whimsical Garden

Donna Anstine of Yankton of the Yankton Town & Country Garden Club has combined her plant interests with talent in turning glass objects into garden art. In a corner of her yard that she wanted to re-focus, she expressed her playful side with objects she displayed. The stacked glass is her specialty. She has begun to  display samples of her work for locally.


This glass piece can function indoors in winter and outdoors in the garden. Note the playful drop of tea.


Read about her work at the this site:  URL:http://www.yankton.net/river_city/article_20399204-7c35-11e4-9380-7b5715caf694.html

We hope you will visit Plant Exchange regularly as we post weekly. Maybe you will find something from a Yankton Press & Dakotan newspaper  “Plant Exchange” or something about people and the plants they grow you haven’t seen before here. Thanks for your visit today. Comments welcome.

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