Dreaming About Spring

Thanks for visiting Plant Exchange. Today we may see some ideas that may apply to backyards or small spaces.

Public gardens are a great resource for ideas in your own backyard. Garden design tips in the link below were inspired from staff at the Smithsonian Gardens in Washington D.C. who were interviewed for January/February Horticulture magazine. With their tips in mind, these regional photos illustrate their points. Photos were shot at the skillfully landscaped Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha, Nebraska.

See Dreaming About Spring:


Create some curves for right angle yard boundaries.


Consider opposing leaf textures.


Plant for dual duties, such as ornamental Celosia and edible sage.


Add a surprise such as dock grown for animal feed as an ornamental ground cover.


Vertical interest of a tree that flowers, gives shade, and fruit for birds does a lot for a horizontal flowerbed.


Water interests ignite all your senses.


A miniature garden in a garden can be fun and echo your yard theme.


Public gardens have plenty of landscape ideas that can be used in even a small space backyard. See the plant–related videos at the Smithsonian Gardens website. www.gardens.si.edu

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