Spring Is Here!

Spring is emerging here and around you. Here at Plant Exchange some plants are in full display others not yet awake. Thanks for taking a stroll with me to see what we find

Wild plums are in full bloom. We are fortunate to have this one probably planted by a bird. The disease Black Knot has taken many in the area.


Daffodils are so purely yellow in spring light.


Tulips began blooming after the last rain. When there is reduced moisture, it seems plants delay to bloom until they have a positive sign.


Faithful peony emerges, so tender and so tenacious.


Last fall I accidentally sniped a clematis vine completely in two at the base when weeding. Today we see the plant tries again.


Prairie smoke is growing again. This is a cultivar of the native plant.


Redbud blooms brighten the day.


Under the row cover some early garden peas continue to grow.


We hope we have shown you just enough to entice you outdoors to experience what emerges this spring. Thanks for visiting Plant Exchange. Comment if you wish. Let us know if you like us. We hope you find other topics to interest you on right side of the screen. See you next week!

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