New Trees At Lewis & Clark Recreation Area

It’s harder than ever to choose new trees for planting. Ash trees have earned their popular status in yards and parks because they grow well and long in the South Dakota Nebraska region. However, Emerald Ash Borer is a predicted pest that may soon destroy trees here as they have in other states. Some other popular trees have known pests as well.

Diversity of trees in the home yard or park is one way to ensure that when the next tree disease comes that many of your trees will remain. Lewis & Clark Recreation Area staff have used this plan as they chose trees to replace damaged ones and plant new ones at the park.

In their choices, they wanted attractive trees that are quite hardy for the region and don’t have known diseases or pests that will attack the trees. They didn’t want to add trees that already were in abundance in the park. You might be interested to see their choices as you replace and add trees in your landscape. See their list here:


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