Peonies For Spring

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Mary Ann King, a Master Gardener in Yankton, writes about one of her favorite perennials, peonies. She has grown them many years and has tips for their maintenance.

She shares her story and a poem below:


Thanks to Mary Ann King of Yankton for sharing her joy of gardening with her poem about one of her favorite flowers.

Peony Most Faithful

By Mary Ann King

Quietly they sleep

resting patient and comfy

under blankets of white snow

waiting for spring’s radiance

to warm their bed

nudging them to blooming wakefulness.

Now the growing begins;

each “eye” opening one by one.

Pushing through the compost,

facing the sky,

shy and bashful at first,

this chorus line of stems and buds

burst confidently into faces colored

pink, white, yellow, red,  peach and purple.

Each one most fancy,

delighting the ants with sweet nectar.

My ever-faithful friends

will remain true to my garden

long after my life finds its end.

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