Buzzing About Pollinators

This week we’re buzzing about pollinators that are attracted to the colors of summer and help increase bountiful harvest. Lots of insects don’t get pollinator credit– native bees, bumblebees, honeybees, butterflies, and moths—some so tiny we never see them. Here’s a friendly caterpillar on butterfly weed.


Environmental stress, disease, and pesticides have taken a toll on pollinators. As industries and others find replacement ways to combat pests, we can ensure that pollinators have a diversity of plants they need by growing varieties that attract pollinators. Here’s a bumblebee on milkweed.


Flowering plants that attract pollinators and grow well in this region include lots of annuals and these perennials as examples: cone flowers, hardy hibiscus, perennial phlox, coreopsis, foxglove, perennial geranium, salvia, catmint, asters, and lavender.

Here’s a bumblebee on bee balm.


Of course we grow annuals for their attractive colors. Bumblebees are busy on everyday begonias in this window box. Thank you for all the choices you make that benefit pollinators. Happy mid summer!


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