Par For The Course

Who doesn’t admire the expansive green of a golf course? In this week’s Plant Exchange, we’re featuring his care of golf course greens, how he gets a fast course, and what’s to learn for the home lawn turf.

Mr. Waren Muller is Hillcrest Golf and Country Club’s general manager. He’s a certified golf course superintendent. Care of the greens is important to help the golfer’s game. He walk mows the putting greens himself.


Bentgrass putting greens are easily drained after a rain and ready to play. Bent grass is preferred as a playing surface where it can be grown. As you see here, the grass has nap and will lay in a preferred direction when smoothed.


In his care of the greens, Muller is a grower. He watches the weather for changes. He oversees a nursery of grasses to replace damaged turf. He adjusts inputs of water and fertilizer to fit the changes in the season.


Bentgrass sprigs (left) are mowed to less than 1/8th inch above the crown of the plant. Low-mow Kentucky blue grass, available to homeowners, is the main grass of his fairways and rough. He shares lawn care tips that he uses at home. See the link to his feature:

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