Weeding Survivor

Welcome to Plant Exchange! This week’s topic is one I have yet to accomplish…a weed-free plant bed!

Carrot seeds were planted about two weeks ago in a raised bed under a row cover. They’ll be harvested after the first frost. Soil in the raised bed works well for root crops and bunnies don’t see the new carrot seedlings with the cover. Sometimes I get a surprise when I raise the row cover.

However, you can barely see the carrot seedlings for the purslane! Oh, no. Hand weeding is tedious.


By mid summer, we have some weeds shading our favorite plants and more weeds competing for water.  So we weed.  Finding garden tools for weeding that you can maneuver between plants and clip weeds are treasures. Even better if the tools help you do this without disturbing the soil surface. Here’s one that Beth Preheim of Yankton identifies as a winner. She’s used this stirrup hoe for many years.


Another favorite of Preheim is this hand weeder. Notice how it extends her reach, in nimble between plants and again, doesn’t much disturb the soil as she weeds.


Some details about her weeding tools can be found at this link:


Thanks for your visit to Plant Exchange! We have lots of USDA Zone 4-5a plant topics from gardeners and professionals throughout the region. Do have a look and come back to see us. We post weekly. Thanks to all “Friends” and loyal “Followers.” Happy weeding!

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