A Summer In The Garden

Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog. As we celebrate the bounty of the season, what is more fitting than to visit with area gardeners who helped their gardens grow!

Yankton’s community gardens were buzzing with activity in mid summer. About 220 garden plots produced plenty of fruits and vegetables and meant a lot to the gardeners we visited there. Step back with us as they share their gardening experiences.

Duane McDonald took some of his garden methods from his yard to the community garden plot. Here we see his portable fence, important to keep out ground critters and easy to break apart, store, and use again next year. His watering system enabled him to get water to the plants and conserve its use.



Yankton Boys and Girls Club had a plot at the community gardens. Emma Wagner led a group who wanted to learn about gardening. Mya, one of the youth there, shares some thought about the experience.

Jerry Hemmer’s plot at the community gardens was well tended. Among his favorites were tomatoes, just coming ripe.


Todd Larson, Director of Yankton Parks and Recreation shared how the Yankton community gardens started. He gave praise to Healthy Yankton member volunteers who have administered the gardens the past seasons.

See all these stories in the link below. We hope you will visit us next week for more gardeners’ experiences.


See their stories here:




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