January Plant Tips

January Plant Tips were published in “Plant Exchange” of the Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan newspaper on January 8th. Stan Hoffart shares tips with readers on these snowy days.

Stan Hoffart served the City of Yankton as an arborist and horticulturist for over thirty years and now has his own landscaping business for the Yankton area (605) 665-5487, (evenings). Thanks to Hoffart for tips as you think about the coming season. If you are like me and don`t keep good records of what did well for you last season, try saving your seed packets.

  • When the weather warms up a little it would be a good time to prune your trees. Try to get it done before they start to leaf out.
  • Try to start a few new or unusual plants from seed. By starting your own plants, you can try plants not offered here.
  • A great annual I planted last season was ‘Zahara Fire’ zinnia. ‘Zahara Fire’ stayed around a foot tall and bloomed well into October with no mildew problems.
  • If you need a low growing shrub try ‘Gro-Low’ sumac. It has outstanding fall color and stays under 18 inches. An example of ‘Gro-Low’ sumac grows in a plantbed to the east of the new Meridian Bridge entrance fountain.


Thanks for visiting our weekly Plant Exchange Blog. If you’d like to find out more from regional gardeners and plant professionals, see the topics on the right column or pick your favorite topic for more about plants of our USDA Zone 4-5a region and the people who grow them. Hope to see you next week!


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