Tips For Starting Transplants

Welcome to our weekly Plant Exchange Blog about plants of the Northern Plains and people who grow them.

Beth Preheim of Yankton has gardened over thirty years. She likes to start transplants from seed at home in a south-facing window. Seed catalogs offer more variety than is available at planting time. She saves unused purchased seed from previous years and germinates them in damp paper towels before transferring them to soil in small pots to grow as transplants for the garden. Labels are important because many small plants look alike. This is her photo.

starting-seeds-papertowel (640x459)

She uses this plastic greenhouse that is positioned on the south side of her house for repotted plants before they are ready to transplant. The greenhouse acts as a cold frame for hardening plants in the fluctuating spring temperatures. This is her photo.

greenhouse-2 (480x640)

Preheim has “Gardener To Gardener” tips for starting and maintain transplants indoors before they are planted in the garden or in containers outdoors. These tips appeared in the Yankton Press & Dakotan newspaper and may be seen at this link:

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