Yankton Youth Assist With Pollinators

Welcome to our weekly Plant Exchange Blog where we feature plants that grow in the USDA Zone 4-5a and people who grow them. This week’s feature show youth helping pollinators by planting wildflowers.

Stewart Elementary School youth in Yankton, South Dakota helped with a pollinator plot seeding of wildflowers at Lewis & Clark Recreation Area in late winter. The Yankton Area Pheasants Forever Chapter members and state park staff helped students in the snow-cast seeding.

Before the students arrived, buckets with a mixture of wildflower seeds were set at intervals.


This helped students as they evenly dispersed seed in the snow. The dark seed showed up well against the new blue-white snow. Before and after students’ outdoor seed dispersal, Pheasant Forever members and South Dakota Game Fish & Parks staff held discussions about pollinators and wildflowers. See the link to the article with details from the Yankton Press & Dakotan newspaper:


Students, state park staff, chapter members and lots of visitors look forward to flowers such as this partridge pea in future years as the perennial wildflowers mature at a two-acre plot at the entrance to Lewis & Clark Recreation Area.




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