Roberts’ Color And Design Tour

Welcome to our weekly entry at Plant Exchange. Plants of this region have had challenges of a cool and sometimes wet spring and now hot temperatures this year.

It’s a fine time to look at how a gardener in our region designs her yard. Debbie Roberts of Yankton uses color, texture, and lots of learned tips as she takes us on a tour of her yard.

(Roberts volunteered a host yard on a local garden tour last year.  See “Regional Plant-Related Events” topics for garden tours this season.)

Some photos of her yard follow. After them, see the link to the article “Roberts’ Color And Design Tour” that appeared in the Yankton Press & Dakotan this spring.

Front entrance lions give you at taste of Robert’s traditional theme that she begins at the front door.


This north-facing side yard has a foundation flowerbed. Note the sun medallion for decor and continuing traditional theme with planters.


Coleuses in north side bed add color and vary shape and texture.


Statuary in a nearby island bed continues the traditional theme.


Potted or container plants find an alley driveway and provides an eye-catching boundary.


Versatile patio gives casual seating to enjoy plants all around.


This is where Roberts began her color design of the yard. See the Antique tub by the seating.


Succulent collection solves a problem of plants in a hot, direct sun area with eye-catching plants and pots.


Note the contrast of big looks you have seen before and the detail of birds in Irish moss near the seating area.


Here’s the link to Robert’s yard tour you’ve been waiting for:

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