Fensel’s One-Of-A-Kind

Our weekly Plant Exchange post this week is about what makes of one of the region’s greenhouses stand out.

Visiting independent greenhouses for unusual plants is a hobby for some, like just finding implements for the best golf game is for others. Our region is fortunate to have several quality greenhouses and nurseries, probably due to peoples’ interest in plants and attractive yards.

JoAnn Fensel Ries has continued and grown Fensel’s Greenhouse and Flower Shop in Freeman, South Dakota as a family business for decades.

With several greenhouses held at different temperatures, Ries and her staff start annuals at different intervals so blooming plants are available throughout the season.


At Fensels you can find just the amount of seed you want, measured and weighed, as well as in seed packages.


Fensel’s germinating chamber with constant 80-degree F. temperature, light and humidity help start plants under favorable conditions.


Water-wise plants such as these succulents are popular for gardens in hot summer sun.IMG_0460

Come and enjoy how Ries and her staff make their greenhouse and flower shop unique:


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