Debbie’s Container Plants Ideas

Welcome to our weekly Plant Exchange Blog. We feature gardeners and professionals who grow plants of the USDA Zone 4 – 5a region and they share plant ideas with us.

Debbie Roberts of Yankton has container gardened for years. She combines various size containers of plants with flowerbeds as she highlights areas of her yard with color and texture.

Here is a sample of her use of muted and bright color in a container by her outdoor seating.


Roberts wanted to focus away from an alley that borders this corner of her yard, so she grouped tall and multi-shaped containers of plants in bloom instead.


Roberts shares tips about designing with containers that she’s discovered in the link below:

See “Roberts’ Color and Design Tour” under Recent Posts for a full tour of Debbie’s yard.

Thanks for your visit to our weekly Plant Exchange Blog. We appreciate all the “Likes” and loyal “Followers.”

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