Gardening-All in the Family

Welcome to our weekly Plant Exchange Blog where we share about plants that grow in USDA Zone 4-5a on the Northern Plains and the people who grow them.

Gardening is more than a pastime to some people. Bruce Fisher of Yankton is a garden advocate at work and home. His children and now grandchildren are attracted to his passion for plants.

Roses are among his favorite flowers and he likes a variety of colors. His large flowerbed of hybrid teas and collection of miniature roses highlight his yard.


He enjoys seeing plants grow and change each day. While he walks, one of his three grandchildren accompany him on the “flower laps”. Granddaughter Keira, age 6, usually decides on her favorite flower of the day. This miniature rose bush has several color roses on it, Keira points out. Its roses change color as each one matures.


Granddaughter Addy, age 3, selects her favorite for the day. She’s also a fan of a raised bed of annuals by the front door that they grew from seed and transplanted for blooms all season.


Grandson Connor, 15 months, also does flower laps with Granddad when their family visits. Fisher’s daughter Mandy shows Connor how to help water their container garden.


Daughter April gardens and encourages Keira and Addy to learn about plants. Here they help their granddad at spring garden start up time.


Here’s the link to the story about Bruce Fisher and how he passes on his love for gardening to his family:

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