End of Summer Plant Tips

Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog. We share weekly about plants of the greater region and people who grow them.

One of our fall favorites in our region is the perennial aster. Pollinators like these plants too. This year asters began blooming in August instead of September.


We’re sure we have more summer left, but some of the change of season flowerbed activity begins as soon as you want to start.

Dale Dawson is Conservation Foreman at Lewis & Clark Recreation Area.  He picks plants to grow and maintain in the state park that are low maintenance and well suited to the region. Here are his suggestions for giving your yard that boost it needs to adjust to fall. Here is the link to his tips:http://www.yankton.net/river_city/article_ddbf3930-70b9-11e6-81061380f2517cac.html

Be sure to come back to Plant Exchange Blog and find more topics about the plants you like.

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