Rite of Early Fall-Bring Plants Indoors

Thanks for visiting our weekly Plant Exchange.

It’s time that plants are changing. One of the rites of early fall is moving plants indoors. In a transition greenhouse, we bring in the small potted camellia shrubs that are out of zone to overwinter outside here. Soon they will bloom and then will be moved from the greenhouse indoors. When the blooms cease in about a month, we will still have the camellia’s shiny green evergreen leaves to brighten indoors all winter.


See our cuttings ready to be transplanted and salad greens.  Tomatoes from the deck will grow and ripen about another month here. See our short video below.

We hope you will find more at Plant Exchange that interests you. Thanks for your “Likes” and loyal “Followers” who show us you enjoy what you read and see.

This video doesn’t exist





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