2016 Season’s Standout Plants in South Dakota

Thanks to South Dakota Master Gardeners and a few others who were willing to share information about the flowers and vegetables that really stood out for them this past growing season. You’ll find new flower cultivars and old faithful zinnias, new vegetable cultivars and old faithful heritage vegetables. Enjoy!

All gardeners look for robust growth, beauty, reliability, production, and other features when they choose plants. Most of flowers, and vegetables South Dakota Master Gardeners selected are annuals that tend to fit conditions in many locations.

Thanks to some of the South Dakota Master Gardeners that provided photos to accompany their standout plants. Tammy Zulk of Canova, S.D. said that zinnias are colorful, lasting, and durable in South Dakota weather.


Mary Wommer of Sisseton, S. D. likes the sweet taste of Purple Top rutabaga. It performed well despite heavy cabbage looper pressure.


Elaine Fritz of Baltic had great success with zinnias that she planted from seed. She converted an eye sore parking area by her studio into a raised bed with a kit. She mulched regularly checked for watering as needed. Inspired, she plans to add more zinnia areas next year and try geraniums from seed.


Lois Quatier of Yankton has grown castor bean plants from seed before. This one from saved seed is the tallest one ever.


Christine Larson of Aberdeen finds the Rosa ‘Never Alone’ Canadian rose to be disease resistant, has dark healthy foliage and blooms heavily.


Barbara Kuhlman is a fan of the heirloom Black Mountaintail Watermelon in her Black Hills’ cooler and short duration climate.


Dianne Rider of Hazel, S. D. enjoyed the ‘Arizona Sun’ yellow-orange Gaillardia or Blanket Flower perennial from summer into fall. It’s her first year with the cultivar.


Rhonda Jensen of Larchwood, Iowa likes the full sun perennial Persicaria amplexicaulis ‘Golden arrow’ or Fleece Flower. It has golden green leaves and bright red flowers.


Kathy Jorgensen of Gayville grew Georgia Jet Sweet Potatoes. She planted them with black landscape fabric to warm the soil for the transplants. She had seven plants and harvested five 5-gallon buckets of sweet potatoes that she cured before storage.


Curt Pressler of Watertown plants Big Beef Tomato every year. He said that the heirloom tomato has study vines until frost and great yields for a farmers market.


Want to see the entire list with the Master Gardeners comments about their standout plants?  Yankton Press & Dakotan newspaper published the 2016 standout flowers and vegetables. Please see this link for more details provided by South Dakota Master Gardeners.


At Plant Exchange, we archive articles by topic. You will be able to find this article later under “Flowers,” “Vegetables,” and “Plants that Grow Here.” The 2015 list is also available, along with many other plant- related articles.

We hope you enjoyed these standout plants and will visit our weekly Plant Exchange again. You are invited to be a “Follower” so you’ll receive notice for new posts. Thanks to all the “Likes” that fuel our efforts!

Thanks again to South Dakota Master Gardeners for their information and Coordinator Dr. David Graper. His garden topics are available at South Dakota State University under “Gardens” at  www.igrow.org


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