Cole Crops for the Northern Plains

Welcome to Plant Exchange! We’re starting the new year thinking healthy.

What if you could grow a popular, healthy food with considerable cost savings for home use or could grow this food in demand for farmers’ markets? The national “Food Hub” movement encourages us to grow and purchase foods in season that are grown locally.

Kale, broccoli, and cabbage are among cole crops that are grown best in early spring and late fall. This is convenient for succession planting space because many vegetables grow best in summer. Kale and other dark greens are a popular trend in healthy eating and demand helps them hold their values for growers. These cole crop vegetables are being eaten fresh, cooked and can be ingredients in health juices.

Nurseryman Jay Gurney of Yankton Nurseries, LLC, explored timing and results of growing cole crops in the Yankton, South Dakota area, USDA Zone 4-5a.


His success earlier in the season led to his search for the best months to plant cole crops in this region. See his findings at this link:

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