Garden Bloggers Bloom Day April 15th

Welcome to Garden Bloggers Bloom Day for April 15th.  Here in South Dakota, USDA Zone 5, we are happy to see first flowers of spring, a few trees leafing out and a bit of green grass.

Pasque is the South Dakota state flower that blooms quite early and is sometimes short-lived in spring unsettled weather. The makes the sight of one more precious!


Tree buds that bloom before they leaf out are prominent in early spring landscape. This horse chestnut is an example.


Redbud tree is edge-of-zone in this region but the flowers will be amazing.


Plum trees show white blooms at Lewis & Clark Recreation Area state park.


Columbine is not quite ready to bloom.


Hellebores blooms have been our first flower sighting this spring. These perennials are found in various colors.


Icy rain didn’t discourage our northern magnolia tree.


Here’s a magnolia bloom up close.


Of course, we love hardy and deer resistant daffodils as a sign of spring. We hope your holidays fit this renewing time of year.


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If you are ready to see what garden bloggers in other parts of the United States and other countries want to show you that’s in bloom, now go to May Dreams Gardens Blog in Indiana at this link:


6 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day April 15th

  1. Interesting that Pasqueflower is your state flower. I am not sure I even know what the English flower is. I guess it would be a rose buti will have to check. Actually we have some Pasqueflower ps out in our garden right now.

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