Tulips and their Care

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Tulips are one the icons of spring in many parts of the country. Photo below was taken today. In our USDA Zone 4-5a, we are still having close to frost conditions occasionally but the weather will soon settle. Orange City, Iowa Tulip Festival starts May 18th.


Tulips that you see in the landscape required last fall’s planting. Some gardeners do try planting container tulips in late winter that provides cold treatment before the spring bloom.

Because spring temperatures are variable in some locations, tulips indoors are a special treat. These were featured in the Como Park Conservatory in St. Paul, Minnesota. For gardeners who have tried growing bulbs to bloom near the same time, featuring a color theme, realize these plants timed and blooming together is an amazing feat.


Tulips, violas, ranunculus, daffodils and snapdragons are blooming together! Here is a close up.


If you’d like to see some tips about growing tulips and caring for them so that they continue to flower next spring, please see this link:


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