Build a Butterfly Garden

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You might think that building a butterfly garden costs a lot of money or time. It’s really about noticing your surroundings and including factors that draw butterflies and other pollinators so that your results are a success.


Jay Gurney and Kathy Weiss of Yankton Nurseries noticed an area that seemed to attract butterflies and added essentials that created a modest, but often-visited butterfly garden.

For one of their butterfly garden plants, they chose an annual version of butterfly weed. It grows and blooms within the season while you have to wait a year for the native butterfly weeds you may also plant to bloom.


While native plants or their cultivars are most likely to attract butterflies, if you notice plants on which butterflies are most in flower gardens, you may choose other plants to choose as well. Lantana may be a butterfly attractor.


Of course, when you find out more about butterfly gardens, you realize that creating the habitat where insects are attracted to collect nectar and pollen, rest in the sun, and even raise young is even better. That’s why you hear a lot about native plants such as swamp milkweed.


Jay and Kathy’s story will show you a modest but effective butterfly garden. See their story at:

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