Garden Bloggers Bloom Day May 15th

So much to see in spring! For this Garden Bloggers Bloom Day on May 15th, we chose to feature trees in bloom or displaying their beauty. We are USDA Zone 4-5a here in South Dakota, so first leaves are still appearing on some trees, but most are green by now.

Buckeye x Horse Chestnut is a young tree growing at the edge of dry woods with upright blooms.


Redbud is a small tree, now in bloom, that is often grown in understory in an area with a little extra moisture. In this region, redbud is at the edge of zone. By now, most of the blooms are gone and the tree will soon leaf out.


Pagoda dogwood is a small tree or shrub with airy, layered branching. This young dogwood blooms for the first time this year.


Sometimes other aspects than blooms of the trees around us catch our attention.

Upright mugo pine shows new needle growth “candles.”  To encourage denser growth, some trim off part of candles in areas where it is needed at this time of spring.  Pines flower from future cones that take a year or more to mature.




Japanese maple trees are known for variety of leaf color.  These young trees at the edge of woods are showing new leaves. Japanese maples are considered edge of zone in this region.



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If you are ready to see what is blooming elsewhere in the United State and other countries, go to Carol Michael’s May Dreams Garden (May 15th) in Indianapolis, Indiana where she will show you her garden. At the end of her blog, find garden bloggers ready for you to experience. Here’s her link:



3 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day May 15th

  1. I was fascinated to see your buckeye x horsechestnut. I don’t have any buckeyes but I do have a large old horsechestnut in my new in-town garden. And lots of baby horse chestnuts everywhere in the spring. I wish I could have a redbud but I think our garden is too wet. However, my little pagoda dogwood is blooming for the first time this year, too. We are in sync.

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