Another Look at Spring

Spring is a busy time for garden procrastinators at Plant Exchange. Now, by the calendar and by daily temperatures, summer is near.  For now, let’s cherish the colors of spring a moment longer.

Containers of potted bulbs have been cold-treated to bloom in season outdoors. They added color at the Henry Doorley Zoo in Omaha in early spring.


Bugleweed is a perennial groundcover that grows and blooms in early spring. The plant is versatile, growing in light shade. A neighbor created a show stopping expansive groundcover display of her bugleweed, under trees where grass is often thin.  The herb is somewhat deer resistant and can be plugged and divided as it grows. With persistence, an area can expand with a modest quantity of the plants.


Flowers of spring are in the air, as well as planted in beds. Trees that have a noticeable bloom in spring, such as this Pagoda dogwood, add to their presence as anchors in a yard.


Pansies thrive in cool spring weather and tolerate near frost temperatures. These annual pansies have bloomed for three months. With summer temperatures, they decline. Sometimes, if the container is moved to full shade and watered, the plants will show vigor again in fall and give additional color.

IMG_1906 2

Thanks for taking time to see what we’re up to at Plant Exchange. Lots of topics with many gardeners’ experiences to see here. Hope to see you next week!


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