Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, June, 2017

Welcome to June Garden Bloggers Bloom Day! Here at Plant Exchange Blog in South Dakota, we celebrate what is blooming around us.

Spring brings many colors. One of our favorites at Plant Exchange is yellow. So these are samples of what we see yellow at the moment in late spring.

Coreopsis is a common and adaptive native plant in much of North America, including the United States, parts of Canada, Mexico, and also parts of South America. One of the many perennial forms here, is commonly called tickweed, due to the “bug” shaped dark seed produced. Here the plant self-seeds and is showy as it grows in large swaths of yellow. Many pollinators are attracted to coreopsis, and it blooms from late May through September locally.


Yellow yarrow is a cultivar of a quite hardy native golden yarrow in this region. One of the cultivars is called ‘Moonshine’.  It grows about 1-1.5 ft. in height and, like the native form, grows best in hot, dry conditions in summer. The herb is deer – tolerant and shows best in mass plantings. A bit of catmint adds purple contrast.


Birdsfoot Trefoil is a perennial legume that is sometimes suggested for erosion control in alkaline soil that benefits from soil improvement provided by legumes. It is sometimes selected as a pasture crop that grow in hot, dry summers. Flowers are in groups of three, like the three  overlapping circles of a trefoil. Due to its ability to grow and produce large volumes of seed, it is used sparingly for ornamental purposes. Clear yellow against green is striking in this practical plant.


Thanks for visiting a few of our June yellow flowers at Plant Exchange. We invite you to see other topics here too.

When you are ready to see more of what’s in bloom around the United States and in other countries, please go to Carol Michael’s May Dreams Garden blog. After you enjoy what she posts, please look at the list at the end of her site for many bloggers around the world waiting to show you what’s in bloom now. Here’s the site:





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