Grow Plants Well So They Produce Well

Vegetable and flower gardens are growing, but there’s always a spot that could use a second planting, such as space that opens after radishes are done in hot weather. LaDawn Remington of Yankton is an experienced gardener who shares how she grows plants from seed so they are healthy and yield produce.

This is a view of LaDawn’s backyard greenhouse. Tomatoes and other vegetables are ready to transplant. She bottom-waters the plants with collected rain water in this tub. Cups have a hole in the bottom, and water is poured into the trays and water stays in the trays until soil in the cups is damp. Some water evaporates. A fan adds air circulation and LaDawn brushes by the leaves of plants often with her hand to make transplants more sturdy, as wind does in nature.


Maybe you’ll find an idea you can use when you start your fall planting. Read more at this link where the article was published in the Yankton Press & Dakotan:

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