Garden Bloggers Bloom Day– August 15th

Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog in South Dakota, USDA Zone 4-5a, most of the time. Warm and cool spring, hot and dry summer and now more temperate days, plants in our raised beds are adapting this season!

‘Pow Wow’ Echinacea grows as a perennial here from seed. Once established it comes back well. It grew from seed and is 3 years old. Raised bed plants have full sun most of the day. These plants are “deer and rabbit resistant” most of the time.


Coreopsis seed heads were trimmed for the second time this season and are beginning to bloom again. We’ve had blooms from this perennial since June. It grew from seed and is 3 years old.


One of the raised beds has this blooming garlic from last year’s plants and dill is coming into flower.  I add the dill airy leaves and flower heads to indoor cut flowers and it provides herb scent also.


Vinca flourished in the hot, dry part of summer.


Butterfly weed, here in bloom and forming seed, is a tender perennial that does well once established. I hope to grow more in this bed for next year. This plant is two years old.


These were Salvia volunteers from another raised bed last year and now attract hummingbirds.


Thanks for visiting us on Garden Bloggers Bloom Day for August. We can’t wait to show you what is in bloom here and around the United States and other countries. Please continue your visit here. When you are ready to see blooms in other locations, go to Carol Michael in Indiana and see her post for August 15th. At the end of her post, you will see many sites to connect to other garden bloggers just waiting to show you blooms. Do come back to Plant Exchange Blog again!

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3 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day– August 15th

  1. I really enjoyed seeing the seed pod on the butterfly weed. I have some exactly like it, a volunteer planted, no doubt by a bird, but I have never seen it make a seed pod. I will keep a closer eye on it now.
    Thanks for sharing on GBBD.
    Jeannie @

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