Peofessional Pruning Tips

This week’s Plant Exchange Blog is a topic people who care for plants in the yard want to know more about.

Even if we place a tree or shrub with enough space for it to reach its natural shape, sometimes pruning is needed.

A great example of a well-pruned shrub is this lilac. It was pruned to rejuvenate the mature plant. Larry and LaDawn Remington of Yankton have cared for the shrub over fifty years. LaDawn says that her husband gives the shrub a rejuvenation cut about every five years. He cuts it to about a foot above the crown of the plant. It rounds out after a couple of years.

IMG_1690Chad Thecker is a certified tree arborist at Glacial Lakes Tree Service (605) 695-8550 that serves Sioux Falls to Watertown region of South Dakota. He presented a talk for the South Dakota State Horticulture Society and an article resulted in July the Yankton Press & Dakotan newspaper.  Read more to find his pruning tips are at this link:

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