Summer Days for Flowers and Art

Meridian Bridge Plaza in Yankton, South Dakota is the site of summer fun for pollinator plants and a “post card” from Yankton photo opportunity there.

Lisa Kortan of the City of Yankton led the pollinator perennial plant installations. Brittany LaCroix, city events and promotion coordinator and graphic artist Amy Bailey were creative inspirations for the Yankton mural for all to visit in the year ahead.

Here’s a peek at the mural and a flowerbed of goldenrod that may bloom soon.


Butterfly weed attract butterflies like Monarchs and many other pollinators here at the bridge.


Purple prairie clovers were planted for this Meridian Plaza flowerbed. Lisa Kortan had noticed them blooming in the nature area by Yankton High School and decided to include a bed of them here.


At the plaza mural, here’s a view of one of Yankton area sites in bloom—display garden at Observatory Hill of the Yankton Federal Prison Camp.


Links to the articles about the pollinator plants and mural at the Yankton Meridian Bridge Plaza may be found at these Yankton Press & Dakotan newspaper sites:




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