Hoffart Grows What He Likes

Welcome to Plant Exchange Blog. Today we get to see how a horticulturist designs his own yard!

Horticulturist Stan Hoffart of Yankton has a special interest in trees and perennials and how plants fit in a space. He uses his own yard as a canvas.

Missouri Valley Master Gardeners selected his yard for one of six that were featured in the 2017 yard and garden tour. Any landscape has some positive aspects to highlight and problem areas to work around. Hoffart shares what how he has transformed his yard and found just the right spot for his favorite trees and other plants. His practical ideas are quite doable for homeowners.

Under this northern magnolia he planted perennials that grow low, leaving light and air space between the tree and plants below. He speaks of the way the light streams through the fence in late afternoon.


Hoffart likes to layer plants for beauty and practicality. Here he draws attention to the yellow daylilies in front and the Heliopsis behind them. Beyond them is a grape arbor and a vegetable garden he wants out of view in the social area of his backyard.


His Amsonia collection is in one corner of the yard. Two kinds of fine-leafed amsonia are to the right of the coneflowers.


Here are a couple of Amsonia in more detail. Amsonia is available in many forms and has a wide range where it is found. These are considered USDA Zone 4 or 5a but Hoffart tucks them into a sheltered area as extra protection.


Here Hoffart grouped Amsonia with the orange butterfly weed and blue wild geraniums for striking color affect.


In another corner of the yard, draws the eye with white lilies. Note the uncluttered pairing of leaf textures with the yellow Coreopsis and lilies.


The link below tells about his yard and choices that make it his expression of his vision of the space where he lives.


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