Fall Tree Planting Tips

Welcome to our weekly Plant Exchange!

Jay Gurney of Yankton Nurseries gives us years of tree-planting experience to consider before we put the spade in the ground.

Maples give us fall color, but many other trees are also options for tree diversity.


The bud union is the guide to proper tree planting. Here is the bud union for the crabapple tree in a container at a nursery. Once the proper hole is dug and the container removed, Jay Gurney says the tree is centered and sunk an inch or two below soil surface into the hole. The bud union should be about an inch or two below the soil surface and not covered with soil. The “bowl’ is watered and mulch is added to fill the bowl.


See Jay Gurney’s tips which first appeared in Yankton Press & Dakotan newspaper at:



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