Scout Designs a Better Cart

Welcome to our weekly Plant Exchange about plants of our region and people who grow them.

Noah Anderson of Yankton chose an Eagle Scout project that will have lasting effect on his fellow gardeners at the local community gardens.

He and his family have had plots at the garden for years, so Noah was aware of the condition of the handmade carts that gardeners used to carry produce to their vehicles and weeds to the trash. The old carts that were made of spare parts by South Dakota inmates, did well serve their purpose.

This a view of the cart showing that it will rest flat for handy filling and has a handle bar and sturdy wheels to maneuver the cart.


The durable base of re-used plastic allows water to flow through. The cart may be stored in this space-saving position.


Noah went to extra effort to put identification on the carts and special thanks to Healthy Yankton organizers for their work with the gardens. He also thanked many who helped him make the six garden carts for the gardeners at the community gardens.


Here’s Noah’s story that first appeared in the Yankton Press & Dakotan newspaper:


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