Garden Bloggers Bloom Day–November 15th

Welcome to Garden Bloggers Bloom Day for November 15th. Deciduous trees have lost their colorful leaves and grasses are more muted as we transition toward winter. Sunny days warm the cool air and spots of sunshine indoors.

What’s in bloom indoors at Plant Exchange is camellias. While camellias are well adapted to heat and humidity of locations in USDA Zones 7-10 and ones maybe in Zone 6 of Southeastern United States, we are located in Zones 4-5a. We grow camellias in containers.


Thick and glossy evergreen leaves of the pruned shrub are welcome in winter after the camellia’s long blooming season has ended.

Camellias produce many cool season blooms, and outdoor ornamental cultivars bloom generally between December – May. The container Camellia japonicas here, begin blooming in early November and into the holidays and have a light fragrance. We have the traditional pink blossoms and a red cultivar that blooms later. Due to the alkaline soil of this region, we add acidic fertilizer for camellias about every six months.

Container camellias here are placed in a transition greenhouse in spring, after the last frost. In summer, the container plants grow in the shade of other trees. Leaves are watered as well as the soil. Before first frost, they are transitioned back in the greenhouse. They are brought indoors to sunny indirect light room as they begin to bloom. They stay all winter.


Camellia sinensis has been bred for its tea leaves. Other ornamental species of the flowering shrub include C. sasanqua and hundreds of cultivars. Camellia was named by Linnaeus and was found in southern Asia, Japan and Indonesia. Camellia fossils were found in rock 30 million years old.

We hope you enjoyed finding out about camellias. There are lots of topics at Plant Exchange Blog. If you are ready to see what is blooming in Indianapolis, Indiana, other parts of the United States and elsewhere in the world, go to the end of November 15th post of May Dreams Gardens blog for many other links to what’s in bloom:

Join us again for our weekly post at Plant Exchange Blog.






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