Idea + Boys and Girls Club = Garden Club

Garden Club is an option that 2nd – 4th grade youth attendees of the Yankton area Boys & Girls Club have had this summer and fall. Horticulturist Cindy Nelsen, Katie Freng of Yankton County 4-H Extension, Stephanie Siebrandt at Boys and Girls Club and her intern Abby Steffen, and nutritionist Angela Knodel of South Dakota Extension helped make this happen for the youth, according to Jill Paulson, Yankton Traditional Unit Director at Boys & Girls Club. Members of Missouri Valley Master Gardeners were occasional assistants.


Jill Paulson said that the youth learned about vegetables and fruits, how to plant and take care of them.


They also tasted produce and shared some with their families. They enjoyed this outdoor activity on school grounds.


Garden Club met more frequently in summer but once school started it met weekly for an hour. Cindy Nelsen said that in early fall they still were harvesting summer squash, zucchini, beans, peppers, cherry tomatoes, radishes, potatoes, and marigolds.


They all learned a lot about the vegetables and fruits and growing them on site at the Boys & Girls Club. For the link to the article about this that first appeared in the Yankton Press & Dakotan newspaper, please see this link:

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