Garden Bloggers Bloom Day December 15

Welcome to Garden Bloggers Bloom Day for December 15th in South Dakota!  Blooms are definitely indoors, and help us anticipate the holidays.

Poinsettias are home-grown but the local Yankton Nurseries gets the credit for the light and dark management, timed for holiday display. Hard to beat the color it adds to a room.


Camellias continue to bloom. At Plant Exchange, we grow the shrubs in containers so that they winter indoors as they bloom. This common Camellia japonica plant has had blooms for a month.


This single blossom Camellia has fewer blooms, but it’s welcome in this season.


African violets are low input and easy to grow indoor plants that give blooms for this season.  A bit of water weekly and a little acidic fertilizer in the fall makes care easy.


We appreciate your visits to Plant Exchange blog and hope you will find many topics of interest here.

If you’re ready to see what’s in bloom in Indianapolis, IN and other parts of the world now, garden bloggers are eager to show you. Just go to the link below for May Dreams Gardens December 15th and at the end of the post you will find many garden bloggers’ links. Enjoy!




2 thoughts on “Garden Bloggers Bloom Day December 15

  1. I didn’t know Camellias could overwinter indoors… I’m currently lucky enough to live where they grow to small trees in our gardens, but if we ever move back overseas, that they survive inside is a very good thing to know. 🙂

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