Keeping the Ability to See Nature’s Beauty

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Neil and Karen Faerber of Yankton have a country home with neighbors nearby. They have used many skills to develop their half acre side yards and backyard into an outdoor space they call Whispering Pines.

In the side yard approach to the backyard, a meadow of Echinacea set a nature theme.


Faerber’s back yard has several areas of interest, but the focal point is their water wheel that Neil made from blueprints and the outdoor shed they built together. Their pond has a waterfall, so the splash of water is part of the natural outdoor setting by their fire pit. Carved wooden bears have their grandchildren’s names on them. Four more are yet to be carved.


Impatiens and coleus that Karen arranges, brighten porch seating for a view of the sun and shade back yard.


Karen’s Cape Hatteras replica lighthouse is a gift from Neil.


An entry view into the Faerbers’ back yard on a fall day—Neil says it is his favorite time of year. Yellows and orange brighten the natural wood pathway.


Neil’s favorites are understory trees in fall. Birch bark contrasts with orange and golden leaves.


Part of the beauty of nature can be appreciated in the leaves against sky.


The Yankton Press & Dakotan article where Neil and Karen tell about their backyard hardscape projects, plants they like and the enjoyment of their Whispering Pines can be found at this link:

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