Tree Nursery at Lewis & Clark Recreation Area

Welcome to Plant Exchange, where we feature plants and people who grow them. This week we are fortunate to feature a park professional who works with trees.

How to manage and care for multiple trees is the responsibility of Dale Dawson, South Dakota State Park Conservation Forman at Lewis & Clark Recreation Area in Yankton, South Dakota.

He uses the “tree nursery” at the state park for a variety of small trees to grow in a confined and easily managed area with all the inputs needed. Then the trees are ready for transplanting in other parts of the state park.

Perhaps the landowner or gardener sees how the tree or perennial nursery may be of use in the home setting.

This is a view of the Lewis & Clark Recreation Area tree nursery. Tree saplings receive full sun, amended soil, drip irrigation, mulch, adequate space around each tree, reduced competition with grass and a tall protection fence around the nursery. Trees are monitored as they grow for pests and diseases.


See his rationale for the tree nursery concept and how he implements it at the Yankton Press & Dakotan link:


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